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Glastonbury Abbey

Situated in the heart of what many people consider to be the most exciting town in Great Britain lies the remains of one of the greatest and most powerful abbeys in the Kingdom. Although now a ruin Glastonbury Abbey is still a living Christian sanctuary with services every Tuesday. The Somerset tradition states it is here that Joseph of Arimathea set up the first Christian Community and Church as long ago as AD61. Legend also tells us that it is here that King Arthur was buried, but history records that it was to Glastonbury that St Dunstan first brought the rule of St Benedict to these shores in the 10th Century. The story of the Abbey is a mix of fact and legend, which still attracts people from all over the world. They either want to follow the ancient Christian links, see Arthur's burial site, or simply find a moment of peace, solitude and quiet. If the weather is poor there is an award winning museum, an exciting Shop and the Abbot's kitchen where an actor will regale visitors with tales of the Abbey in the 16th Century. We look forward to welcoming you.

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